A Call For Respect In The House

respectFollowing flares of temper that have being lingerng around the house and on observing the looming danger and potential for conflict Biggie made an effort towards oozing the ongoing tensions in the house. He then called on all the Housemates to seat and talk through the way of amicable having this achieved. After reprimanding the collective with an explicit focus on Iris and Lexi, the belligerent bunch were warned against fuelling any sort of fires and advised to steer clear from prejudice.

The common sense was that respect amongst the Housemates had seized to be present point and urgently needed to be restored. So the floor was open for a discussion where Iris, Lexi and others could iron out their differences.

Lexi took the lead as she expressed that she felt no need to make an effort with Iris because she would never do so on the outside citing that she felt no connection with her. Mzamo pointed the root cause of all the tension in the direction of the embattled Mandlexi and alleged that Lexi felt intimidated by Iris, whether she cared to admit to it or not.

Iris’ spa venom and retorted that she hated Lexi from the bottom of her broken heart. Who knew such heavy words could come out of her pretty little mouth? Had she felt that deeply towards Lexi?

In separate Diary Sessions with Biggie a teary Iris confessed to having lost some of her spark since she came into the House and an equally red-faced Lexi said she didn’t expect Biggie’s warning to be so public.

The warring pair were given time off to cool their jets
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