A Look At This Week's Nominees

nomineesSunday is here and we all know, Sunday in the Big Brother Mzansi house is the day we love to hate and distaste because it then that our beloved Housemates finally have to wave good-bye to at least one of those who have been placed under Nomination.

It hurts, but we all by now know, Big Brother Mzansi is a game after all and there can only be one winner.

Each of the Housemates up for Nomination has brought their own special element of appeal to the House.

First off we have the beautiful Kat with her upbeatable energy, undeniable cooking skills and flirtatious antics with the boys, If she gets evicted to night, she will definitely be missed and we will never see how the love triangle she created with Jase and Sol will transpire.

And then there is Lexi, this feisty pocket of a Housemate has definitely caused the most drama in the House though its undeniable true that her presence in the House creates nothing but pure entertainment. She is confident, sexy, feisty (sometimes aggressive) but she is not afraid to speak her mind and call people out on their actions. Not to mention those steamy bikini moments, she will certainly be missed on that aspect alone.

Her supposedly being of royal blood does not exempt princess Loko from being up for Nomination. Her spunky attitude, spectacular dance moves and general amicability among all the Housemates has made her a universal favourite. She also manages to keep herself out of the Big Brother Mzansi drama which is no easy in a House that is awash with gossip and backstabbing larks.

On the, we have the wildly intellectual and opinionated MK who seems to be suffering with extreme anxiety as he is convinced he will be leaving. His ability to stir things up and get conversation going, playing the devil’s advocate and initiate heavy debates will be missed because this often forces the other Housemates to question themselves. Even though he can be somewhat blunt, his honesty is what keeps him interesting.

The final nominee is none other than raven haired Vanessa. Her extroverted personality has caused her to bump heads with a few of the other Housemates but she always stands by her word and makes and effort to engage with everyone. Her enviously gorgeous body, her ability to stand up for others as well as her multilingual talents will be sorely missed if she is voted out.

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