A Moment Of Tenderness

pizaToday afternoon in the Big Brother Mzansi House, in the Games Room to be exact. It was the moment the ice melted for Iris and Lexi in the heat of the midday sun. Blame it on a heatstroke that prompted the moment of tenderness, may be? Friday in the Big Brother House or is Iris just not that keen on pizza?

For six afternoon hours, the housemates were tied up in the garden as Biggie sorted ran some maintenance in the House, his however, Housemates were not Homeless but found themselves an escape from the sun, an oasis in the dessert in the form of a Games Room.

Lexi, who seems to have found her personality, slinked past a pizza box bearing Iris and wait for it, it happened, Iris offered her a piece of pizza; we actually had to replay the moment. Half expecting Lexi to throw the pizza at Iris, she took it and thanked her. Repeat she took it and thanked her.

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