Alcohol Shortage Hits The House

liquorThe wager loss yesterday will not only bring 'unrest' in the house and cracks in relationships but also deprive housemates of their luxuries including what housemates love the most; alcohol and cigarettes.

After winning last week's wager, the housemates have been enjoying all sorts of luxuries including unlimited liquor supply but with the loss this week, they will have no such supplies next week. They've been consuming the cigars and alcohol uncontrollably thinking that this week, they will also win and have the same treatment for next week, but unfortunately, it wasn't the case. Of course, there are just a few of them who have some bottles hidden in some corners.

Meanwhile, with the scarcity of liquor and cigarettes, we are bound to see some quarrels and fights in the house as liquor will be stolen thus breaking relationships.

We are eager to find out how the housemates will cope next week, for now they can enjoy what's left for this week but as of next week, they will only have the basic and nothing more.

Will the housemates learn a lesson or two from yesterday's loss?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. How those it feel knowing u let your housemates down ngazi uzophafuzani unondabaThando n the crew such a let down