Arena Games: Jase & Lola Come Out Tops!

arenaToday's Arena games were filled with so much tension and enthusiasm basically because Big Brother had announced that the winner(s) would be Immune from this week's evictions, therefore everyone tried their level  best to impress and scoop these very important powers.

Firstly, Mzamo's team lost AGAIN scoring 5 goals which was then trumped by Team B's 6. The Housemates were huffing, puffing and complaining to no end but it was all in good sport. Poolie was quite the shining star of the day and Jase took the game very seriously but in the end, Team B stole the show.

After the match had ended, Jase won the boys' shootout while on the side of the girls, it was hard to come out with a winner after all of them failed to score for sometime until Lola and Lexy second one each, then Lola beat Lexi with another shot.

This means that this week, Lola and Jase are immune from possible eviction.

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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