Big Brother Mzansi Secrets; Breakdown

Big Brother Mzansi logoSceptics were unsure if Big Brother Mzansi would fly. After all, it has been a long time since we saw the last South African-only Big Brother and the continental version was very successful.

But the guys at Endemol have done it again. It is unclear whether there will be a Big Brother Africa this year, but the time is not ripe for that discussion, so let’s focus on what we have.

As we did each year with Big Brother Africa, we will run a weekly commentary on what has transpired in the Big Brother Mzansi house. Some house mates will be more appealing than others and with evictions happening every weekend we will also cast predictions on who should and who might leave.

Best Keep Secret

Since this season is themed around secrets, we will be looking at the various secrets that have been kept in the house week in, week out. When the contestants first entered the house, each and every one of them went in with some sort of secret imposed on them by Big Brother and they had to act it out for the next 24 hours.

Some were asked to chew gum in an annoying manner, while others were to memorise all the house mates’ surnames.

With Valentine’s day coming up, the secret that’s best kept is that Big Brother gave the guys a task to surprise the girls with on the big day. So the dudes have to prepare something special for the ladies without being caught. So far it looks as if they have things under control, but it only takes one small mistake to spoil everything.

Tasks To Remember

Since the house mates receive several tasks a week, it is also important to look at the ones that are most memorable. Sometimes Big Brother is uninspired and gives rather stale tasks, like painting on a board, something we have seen a countless times before.

So this week we can’t avoid the cleaning task the house mates were given earlier in the week. Big Brother had most of the house mates dress up as regular city council street cleaners and they were ordered to tidy up the house.

Two of the house mates, Loko and Kat, were tasked to play security guards who made sure everybody cleaned up as ordered.

Of course, in hindsight, this was Big Brother just tricking them into cleaning up their mess.

Matter Of The Heart

While real love hasn’t yet mani- fested in the house, it is coming and that we know for sure. The lengths to which Big Brother went in selecting beautiful women makes it obvious that he wants some action in the house.

So far the contestant in heat seems to be Kat. She has had a few men feel her up through massages and one of them was Kgosi who is also eyeing Loko. Let’s let this matter simmer for a bit and see what becomes of it.

Moemish Of The Week

Okay, this one has to go to Jase who has already told Kat how he feels about her. While some men feel they have to strike while the iron is hot, it is also important not to rush things. Kat turned him down flat because he told her rather than showing her how he feels.

You could have waited until Valentine’s Day, dude.

Tarot Card Reading

Here we predict the future based on how the house mates behave. Another spot is up for grabs in the main house and one of the chamber mates will have to make a strong impression on the viewers to earn it.

This week we are going, to go with Iris  who is visibly desperate to make the cut.
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