Biggie Reveals All OutStanding Secrets

poolieWe all know that this edition of Big Brother Mzansi is dubbed 'Secrets'. however tonight Biggie took upon himself and revealed all the outstanding secrets from the previous fortnight.

He kicked off the session with Mandla, talking about how he got a really colourful character a thing that verified why he is a Britney Spears fan was his Secret, which was further verified when he did an impromptu dance routine to the classic ‘Oops I did it again!’. Aint no shame in his game.

In a less animated reveal, Mzamo gave a dramatic admission to the camera about his deep seated fear of heights followed by Kgosi’s downright bizarre Secret of being in a Pagan cult comprised of ‘witches’ and ‘wizards’.

Apparently he joined out of pure curiosity which prompted Iris to chime in, saying she knew all along because of his questionable behavior in the Chamber, talking in his sleep and just being all round 'creepy'.

‘Musophobia’ is the fear of mice, rats or any other rodent like creature, it also happened to be the Secret that the guys just couldn’t place and it belonged to the imperial-esque Thando.

It was her regal image that threw the guys off as they thought she was of royal blood when it was in fact the vivacious and crown bearing Loko who turned out to be the owner of that one.

In a more fairly obvious light Jase revealed that he has never dated a girl for longer than 21 days.

Of course this sparked a flurry of comments from the other Housemates about how Kat will be the one to break the spell as we are already on day 19 in the House.

The serial soccer star dater was none other than bombastic Iris who admitted to dating two players, both from esteemed local teams, but that was not of a Secret was it? Mandla got that one out of her the moment descended from the Chamber and into the wild ways of the main House.

Now finally, the conundrum of the ‘club foot’, in essence you would think that to be one of the easier Secrets to figure out but it landed up being the toughest. It turned out that Lola was the bearer of this more physical Secret. It seems that she may the only Housemate who can actually keep a Secret.

Secrecy is the quality or condition of being hidden but with so many people confined to such a small space how much and for how long will they be able to hide anything at all?

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