Boys get relaxing strokes

strokesToday the boys got a relaxing stroke and poke from the pleasant massage therapists and the fact that they're are boys, they just folded under all that attention and ego caressing. Secret decoding never looked so soothing.

Actually Biggie's housemates seemed to be missing the movies and talk of that carried over to the Man Cave with the guys, and with the girls as the guys looked on. For much of the session the boys latched on to the tale that Lexi told the girls about a ‘who dunnit’ thriller.

There was little in the way of eye candy as a tide of sleep swept through the House and the girls passed out wherever they lay. Lexi was the only one up and thus the only one to watch. It was almost mischievous to see all the boys tuned in on her. Most of them reckoned that Lexi’s Secret was that she grew up in the streets.

Jase seemed particularly relaxed sporting not a care in the world after having snatched Head of House moments earlier. Did anyone else notice this? Is it too soon to predict that Kat is safe thanks to Jase?

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