Bye Bye Vanessa

vanessa-evictedAfter a sweet but short three weeks in the Big Brother Mzansi, Vanessa's fate has been sealed as the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi Main House.

In her her Eviction Diary Session earlier she pointed out she did not feel any safety though she was ready although Ultimately, no amount of preparation could have prepared her for this whopper of a shocker, so early in the game.

vanessa shed bucketful of tears and hugged her friends goodbye. Jase gave her a tight squeeze and asked her not to worry and consloled her citing that after their chat last night, they will all be safe,

Over the last couple of days, Vanessa has consistently asserted herself more and more, especially where her fellow Housemates and their issues are concerned. Last week, she swore she did not want to get caught in the middle of the breakdown in relations between Mzamo and Lexi. Ultimately, she couldn't resist involving herself.

Last night was even worse. After the Saturday Night Party, she cornered new Head of House Jase and "exposed" her fellow Housemates for the "fake" people they are. Top of her list was Jase's current love interest, Kat, who she called a fake who was using Jase for her own gains. Ouch.

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