Can Lola Stand The Test Of Time?

swayBeing under scrutiny courtesy of Big Brother's prying cameras and microphones for as long as you are in the Mzansi house is never an easy thing to cope with as it comes with it the pressure and having to bear with staying with strangers, it's undoubtedly a demanding challenge.

For housemates like Lola who has made her point clear about exiting the house prematurely, we can't judge her but hope that she backs down and reconsiders her decision just for the good of the game and fairness to her fans.

Being part of such a reality show could be a desire for most people but staying in there is a completely different story, no wonder it gets to some housemates' heads which leads to violent altercations and thus disqualifications like we have already witnessed with, Mbali's boot earlier on in the show.

Well, just in case Lola keeps to her word and she leaves the house, she'll be the first housemates this season to voluntary exit, however, sometimes, we say things without thinking properly, we think this could have been the case with Lola who confided in Thando that she wants out.

Will she stand the test of time?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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