Check out the housemates' Ego’s

clashSurely it’s at times like these that the Housemates came to appreciate the Diary Sessions as they offered a reprieve from the House and a chance to talk frankly to Big Brother, and our winner in this category has got to be king Sol of the House.

This week’s general gripe is that the wager could be lost because of the ongoing clash of personalities. Many worried that this would put their chances of impressing Biggie at the Task Presentation at risk but there were a few, namely and Lola who remained bull headed and deaf to reason.

There was also the topic our reigning Head of House Jase during the Diary Sessions. The general opinion of his leadership is that it is poor, he is much too impressionable and lacks assertiveness. One almost felt like snatching the youngster away and shielding him from all the big bad wolves that came in the form of the Housemates.

An incident that left Housemates in disbelief was when Jase wanted to move a gathering upstairs simply because Lexi and Lola refused to come downstairs and join the bunch.

MK even stepped in and whispered in the timid leader’s ear that he needs to use his nice-guy nature to win hearts and lead in the House.

As Task Presentation drew near it remains to be seen whether this bunch will pull the Big Brother Ship through its current troubled waters.

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