Cliques And Divisions Drawn

divisionsLooks like the line has been drawn,in one corner, we have Jase, Poolie, Lola, Thando, Lexi and Kgosi and in the other, Iris, MK, Kat, Loko, Mandla and Mzamo. This is the way relationships are playing out in the Big Brother Mzansi House.

Last night, whle performing his Head Of House duty of saving and replacing, Jase chose to save himself and put Iris up for possible Eviction instead.

As difficult as it was for him to swap Iris, Jase would not have put a member of his clique forward for the Eviction gallows. Thando, Lola, Lexi share an active dislike of Kat, who has been the object of Jase's affections since the game started. Kgosi and Poolie have also vented about Kat and how much she has played Jase. Unfortunately, after their interference and influence, Jase and Kat's relationship is no more.

Mzamo and Lexi are members of opposite crews who after a broken relationship, both of them have kept distance from each other. Their interactions are less frequent as they were before the intense meeting called by Biggie.

Late last night Thando put it all into perspective. I don't like Mzamo. He is a gossip. You can't trust him with anything," she said.
Jase's clique has made the garden their meeting spot of choice. During their sessions, all Housemates are put under the microscope.

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