Diary: Chamber-mates Oust Their Feelings

chamberCould the Chamber-mates have had their final Diary sessions? Well, it looks like it basing on the kind of questions Big Brother subjected them to.

Jenayne was the first to have her and in as much as they were towards mid-day, it was the lass' first activity of the day since she had just woken up, she actually begged Biggie to play some loud music to help them ease the tension that has of late engulfed the Chamber.

As if she was defending herself, Iris told Big Brother that they woke up very late because they had slept late last night since they had to rehearse till late. When it came to Nku's Diary, she called Big Brother "babe", Biggie told her that it was her final Diary and she became sad.

Paris and Mbali on the other hand are still optimistic that everything will turn out for the better.

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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