Dineo enters the house

dineoThe housemates were in for a big surprise today despite the fact that they knew a celebrity guest was coming to the Big Brother Mzansi House for a sleep over, but they had no idea who it would be.

Biggie's housemates tried to guess everyone from Julius Malema to AKA and even Dr Malinga. They could not have been future from the truth.

Mean while Kat who couldn’t help herself spent most of her time gushing about her crush on AKA. She even went so far as to admitting to Jase that when AKA arrives, he should just forget about getting any attention from her. Meow Kitty-Kat.

Immediately Dineo Ranaka entered the House, the Housemates where all surprised and excited at the same time. She first received a warm welcome from Iris as she entered the House.

It's only a matter of time to see how the Housemate will react. As we've seen from her reality show “Dineo’s Diary”, she too is an entertainer, and from what we have seen from these Housemates, tonight will be nothing short of entertaining.

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