Feature: A Prank Is Nothing Serious

prankThink of a world without funny-humurous people, those that society thinks they never take life seriously and are always busy engineering some jokes just to crack up others. Very boring, we think!

However, in as much as these jokers are always happy with their work, the other party sometimes has mixed feelings about the pranks they've fallen victim to.

Well, Big Brother Mzansi house has not been spared either and these kinds of people are indeed in there, recently we saw Lola getting really 'mad' at the chocolate prank which according to Mzamo she had an idea about.

Generally, we think that such moments are part of life, just to let out stress, associate and laugh with others, it's really nothing serious but well, there are also people that hate jokes and you can not play with their 'feelings' and get away with it.

But as long as the prank is simple and doesn't hurt anybody, we think it's all good, what do you think?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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