First Eviction Show Recap

battleThis week's live show can oly be best described as a bitter - sweet experience. In a blink of an eye fter Big Brother Mzansi host, Lungile Radu had welcomed the live audience, the excitement kicked off as the legendary Black Coffee took it to the decks accompanied by melodic live vocals an experience that did leave the crowds yearning for more from the DJ visionary.

After Black Coffee's mind blowing musical experience, Lungile announced the mechanics of tomorrow's Arena Games where immunity from eviction is guaranteed for one boy and girl, winners of course.

Lungile then crossed live to the Chambermates and called them on to the stage, having been cooped up in the Chamber for two weeks, the foursome bounded on to stage, full of the joys of spring as they waited for Lungile to announce their fate. After a little chi- chat andthe Chambermates were interviewed, it was then time for Lungile to make the big announcement, and as always, he kept his audience in suspense as he played a retrospective video of the Chambermate's time in the House.

After a moment of suspense and tension in the house, Lungie then announced that it was Iris who got to compete with the rest of the Housemates for the cash prize. An overjoyed Iris yelped with joy when she received the news. She then made her way into the House and was met with a bear hug from Kat.

It didn't end there, as you would expect, Biggie had another surprise up his sleeve and it was every man's dream; the boys got their very own Man Cave where they will get their chance to match Seven Secrets to the seven girls. The tables have now turned.

The show closed with another performance from Black Coffee replete with sexy beats and killer vocals.
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