Friday Night Games: 'Rate Your Housemates'

fNgSizzling and eye opening is the best way you can define this week's Friday Night Game. Tonight, Biggie tested the housemates' general knowledge of each other.

Some interesting and eye-brow raising assumptions came up during a game of ‘rate your Housemates’ as Biggie provided traits that were to be allocated by the group to a specific Housemate.

There was indeed no running away from the collective opinion of each no matter your strategy. It was like the Housemates stood as mirrors to the each other, whether distorted or pretty darn spot on.

In the beginning, there was the trait of generosity and the Housemates gave that to MK while they all agreed Mandla had the most patience. Lexi was labeled fake, possessive and bravest of them all with Poolie coming in as the resident introvert.

was recognized as sincere for his forthright ways with compliant Jase ironically winning the toughest guy rating; could Biggie have meant tough in the physical sense?

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