Girls Resort To Showering Nude

breastsWith the way things are turning out in the Big Brother Mzansi house notably the weekly nominations and evictions, some housemates have started changing with the dynamics as long they stay longer in Biggie's space.

Well, the girls in the house including Kat and Loko have of late been having nude showers and they are not afraid to show off what their mamas gave them, we mean the breasts, these young ladies are not afraid to flaunt what they have and one wonders why all of a sudden there's a change in the way they take their showers but most probably, it could be one of the strategies to gun for votes as staying the house requires a nominated housemate to accumulate as many votes as they can.

The boys in the house now have it all for their eyes to feast on but is it the way to go for the ladies? What if this becomes boring in due course, will they employ some other tactic? There are so many questions but time will definitely give us the answers.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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