Here are the seven secrets and what fans to say

featureToday night will the a very big reveal as the Big Brother Mzansi fans will find out which Secret belongs to which male housemate. It was a task for the female housemates this week who spent an hour a day in their pretty parlour playing 'match the guy'. The divide between success and failure of guessing the Secrets means the difference of being safe from immunity, or not. So far, their compass is off course

This week on Wednesday, Big Brother Mzansi fans were asked what they thought about which Secret belonging to which guy. Let's proceed because this is about you and here's what you had to say

Lungelo Manyathi, like your style but your ship's sailing South, try again
1. Mzamo
1. Mzamo
2. Kgosi
3. MK
4. Mandla
5. Poolie.

Minnie Mbaly
1. Poolie
2. Mandla
3. Kgosi.

Ding Dong, you're wrong!

Marumolwa Mapaseka, great effort from you but your answer's untrue.
1. I'm a Britney Spears fan is Mzamo.
2. I got caught watching porn while at work is MK
3. I'm agoraphobic is Sol
4. I have a fetish for Chinese dwarfs is Kgosi
5. I've dated anyone for more than 21 days is Mandla
6. I coached a provincial table tennis team is Poolie
7. I used to belong to a cult is Jase.

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