HoH: It's A Tight Contest As Sol Wins!

hohWe all know the importance of being the HoH in the Big Brother Mzansi house, not only does it put one in a safer position for that particular week but also proves that they can be of some sort of authority not only in the house but also in the outside world.

Well today, housemates had to take part in a HoH challenge that would see the winner replacing sheriff Jase who has led well this week despite the wager loss.

The HoH challenge was all about handcuffs and bondage. The Housemates were supposed to find a key inside a box filled with sawdust, unlock the handcuffs cuffing them and take out a flag, then raise it up in the air using one arm.

Interestingly, Loko freed herself, got the flag and put it up in record time first than any in the gang.

Sol followed shortly afterwards and one by one the rest also were done, then it was time for Biggie to announce the winner.

Then Biggie announced Sol and the winner but Loko couldn't believe it as she thought there was a mistake somewhere and that she should have been the winner.

However, she unlocked the handcuffs after taking her hand out from the other part of the handcuffs which was not allowed. She thought she did everything the right way not knowing that she was cheating. According to her, she felt that Biggie could have mentioned that the only way allowed was to keep both hands cuffed while unlocking.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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