HoH: Jase Scoops It!

hohhLady luck is surely shining on Jase lately because not only did this fella win the power of immunity earlier on in the week something that makes him safe from this week's possible evictions but also won the coveted HoH task today in the early afternoon. This also means that Jase is guaranteed at least another two weeks in the house.

It seems the Housemates have finally realised how important this HoH position is because they seemed to have been prepared for this very vital task. After a busy morning, they patiently waited in the lounge for Biggie's instructions and Sol was clearly restless, something that showed the importance of this task.

As they donned their helmets like little soldiers standing on the line awaiting the call of attention, the eager bunch pounced this way and that as a flurry of tennis balls fell from the heavens. At the sound of the horn, Big Brother released 500 green tennis balls with only a single solitary red one in the mix. The winner would be the one that found the red ball and held it above his or her head.

Jase was the lucky soul as he picked the solitary red ball from the hundreds, after his victory Kat was quick to congratulate him with a hug.

Congratulations to Jase, a well deserved victory indeed!

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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