House Of Drama

dramaIf you ever desired to see drama and a lot more happening in the Big Brother Mzansi house, it's already showtime, the claws are out and it's survival for the fittest.

Firstly, Lexi who has bought herself a name as a person who doesn't take things for granted and speaks her mind no matter the consequences shared with whoever cared to listen that she detests violence and that she's isn't in the house for it but if she's pushed to the limits, she wouldn't mind indulging in it.

The tensions between Iris and Lexi also seem to rise every day, it even required the intervention of Big Brother but his efforts seem to have yielded nothing. Biggie initiated a meeting to have the two rivaling ladies eat from the same plate but at the end of the day the results are not what was expected.

Lexi seems to be in everyone's bad books and Vanessa could be the next in line after Iris, the two (Lexi and Vanessa) are not the best of friends and one wonders when all this drama will end.

The boys on the other hand are always left dumbfounded when the ladies are sharing their opinions, Vanessa is always quick to shut them up so that only her views are considered.

House if Drama, isn't it?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. All I can say they must stop gossip abot Lexi #TeamLexi I love Lexi just speak ur mind n put them on thr place u go gal 24/7 voting u

  2. Lexi is just being honst en real#teamLexi

  3. Team Mandla and Iris... Lets unite and vote for MK. Lexi must GO