Housemates Crave For Jenayne

jenaIs Jenayne being real or acting for the sake of it? This is most probably the question on some of the viewers lips going by the way the lass is being received on social media. From the start, Jenayne seemed to be this outspoken kind of girl but unfortunately, her attitude has been rubbing off her fellow housemates and the audience in general the wrong way.

However, she seems to be a little popular in the main house basing on the way the Housemates have been talking about her. According to the ladies in the main house, they think if she (Jenayne) joins them, she would be able to quell the sea of rejection that is supposedly raging in Jase’s heart, through Kat.

Poor Jase has had to deal with Kat's cold shoulder for sometime now and probably another lady in the house may shakes up things a bit.

Do you think Jenayne will rescue Jase's supposedly broken heart should she join the main house?

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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