Housemates did freeze

freezeBiggie called Head of House to the diary room and slapped him with the latest evolution in the ever changing game of Big Brother Mzansi game, ‘The Statue Task’.

The rules are simple but the stakes are high, when the Housemates hear the word ‘Statue’ they must stop immediately and freeze in that position until Biggie says the word ‘Release’.

This game truly embodies the significance in simplicity.

If any of the Housemates fail to do this adequately then they will be profoundly sorry as this leads to their automatic Nomination and they are to be exempt from competing in the next HoH Task and Immunity Challenge.

The Statue Task will happen at least once a week for the duration of the rest of Big Brother Mzansi and will continue to happen sporadically from today.

Biggie does not stop there as he will be using multiple distractions in order to lead the Housemates astray as he did today with the bagpipe brigade, dressed to the nines in full Scottish regalia who did their best to distract the Housemates.

Everyone tried their best not to move a muscle while the patriotic musicians made their way through the House.

Mandla and MK held the funniest positions by far but it was Lexi and Jase who did the best job of staying frozen in position and best believe it was a sight that would make even the most melancholy soul crack a smile.

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  1. Jase is such fake evrytym he sayz o do sumthin hee alwyz check if da cameras are lukin aaarg maarn grow up boi. Love #Lokatiris @BBMsanzi