Housemates faced with a three strikes task

secrets taskToday being a Friday, the Friday Night Games in the house are on with Big Brother having told the boys that he revealed their Seven Secrets to the girls, but not the owner of each Secret. He went on and told the boys about the voyeurism in the Parlour during the week where the girls had to match the Secrets to each boy.

Biggie then dropped the bomb that if the girls were right in their matches, all the boys would be up for eviction. Conversely, the girls would be up for the chop if they got it wrong.

Unless Biggie instructed them to do so and the Seven Secrets were revealed, the boys were not able to confirm their Secrets . The girls got 90 seconds to discuss and confirm among themselves one final time which Secret fitted which guy and then one girl had to come forward and give the final result, with only three lives for the whole game.

Vanessa was the first girl to be called for firing and Biggie asked her, “I got caught downloading porn at work.” After given 90 seconds to discuss the answer with the girls, she said it's Sol.

Can the girls match all the boys Seven Secrets correctly?

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