Housemates must show their team spirit in their task

team spiritGiven the fact that South Africa is a sporting nation with soccer being number one, in keeping with all this week’s theme and previous tasks, Biggie required all the housemates to don their helmets, slip into their gum boots and create the meanest war cries this side of the equator.

Actually It’s called support and no team can survive without it and Big Brother is challenging the sporting bunch to exercise some sportsmanship and teamwork.

After splitting into two teams, the housemates must create their own competing soccer clubs with the gear to fit. There was never a supporter like a soccer supporter with all his colourful team regalia and the Housemates were required to take after these loud and proud characters and decorate their own makarapas (head gear), vuvuzelas and horns.

Biggie's housemates, armed with their makarapas, got painting and pasting sporting emblems all over their supporter accessories. The cheerleaders needed to compose a war cry and as the soccer clubs battles it out in the garden, show their gees (team spirit) like the good sports they are.

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