Housemates talk about their perfect matches

perfect matchGiven the fact that Biggie's house is filled up with young and very attractive people, it's really no surprise that the discussion of the ‘perfect catch’ would eventually come up. Today both the guys and the girls opened up and different intervals about what they deem to be their ideal match.

This all began in the morning when Mzamo prompted the beautiful Iris to finally blossom and by talking about different types of men. From ‘cheese boys’ that choose to drive fancy cars but still live with their mama to white men who take care of business, everyone had their preferences.

Mean while Thando fancies a well put together man with ambition while Mzamo is into white guys, Iris comes in at a paradox who likes guys with a darker complexion and made no secret out of the fact that she has had a history with bad boys.

As soon as the boys entered the Man cave at the request of Biggie, to feat on delicious food and have some time to reflect, the conversation of ‘the perfect catch’ came up again. Sol is a fan of a woman that is at peace with herself, calm and collected.

Lexi's hubby Mandla shared that he would be getting married soon to his lady outside the House, saying that she is sufficiently younger than him. It was a general consensus that all the guys would marry a woman that I: Thick, refined, traditional and intelligent.

The boys also referred to some of the ladies inside the Big Brother Mzansi house, Lexi was the word on everyone’s lips and it came out that she is definite NOT marriage material.

However Jase kept himself from saying anything possibly trying to avoid attention on his on-going ‘relationship’ with Housemate Kat.

Will any one fing their perfect match inside the Big Brother Mzansi house

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