Housemates Talk Cheating

cheatEarlier on today in the morning hours, opions were flung around the garden on what the Big Brother Mzansi boys and girls though about the issue cheating in relationships. And obviouusly as expected, the girls did have more to contribute than the boys.

Lexi, as usaul coordinated the discussion weighed in sayig that as to her gateway to an affair starts with ‘sexting’ (think sexy and intimate texts here). She also hestitated not to sieze this opportunity to quash the rumours circulating of her and Mandla getting jiggy.

Vanessa agreed and said she would be devastated if she gets a wind of her man texting another girl all day. “Time is precious and I don’t want my man giving another woman all that time.” In line with the discussion, she pointed out the issue of 'emotional affairs' saying that she would rather her boyfriend slept with someone else than invest in another woman emotionally.

To finish the argument off, Lexi said the chances are slimmer that someone would cheat on you if you’re hotter than them. Consider this statement ‘Lexi-fied’!
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