Housemates & Their Weight Issues

singIn an environment like Big Brother's where you are confined in one place without much activity to do, one is surely bound to add on weight in case they fail to engage in the little stretch-ups that Biggie has to offer.

Earlier today, Mzamo made Sol's day when he told him he was getting skinnier, the other Housemates are having the opposite problem as they fret about their muffin tops. Body issues have been a theme in both the Chamber and the House with Chamber exercise freak Paris keeping his body buff and encouraging Chambermates to do the same.

Jase and Poolie actually suggested that Biggie provides more exercises sessions to help them keep in shape because it was too early to add a little fat, therefore, they needed to keep their weights in check.

Which male contestant do you think has the best body on Big Brother Mzansi Secrets?

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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