Housemates To Build A Ship

shipYou can not be driver if you can't drive a vehicle and so is the case with a ship, you can't be a pirate if you can't operate or if you don't own one, so in this case, Big Brother has provided the housemates with a half finished ship, materials including; paint, brushes, hammers, rollers, nails among others to aid them come up with a well finished ship.

Housemates have been advised to keep it safe and tidy and they are supposed to keep the brushes clean at all times, the site is also expected to be free from paint. They are also expected to utilize the available resources and come up with something real.

This is indeed an uphill task for the housemates but if all of them can carry their weights and stop sleeping during the day, then this task should be a walk over, teamwork and concentration are key.

Do you think Housemates will impress Biggie with their ship?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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