Housemates win their 50% Wager

spiritAfter showing enough team spirit, the housemates have won their 50% Wager once again. Team B gave a stellar performance this evening. They maintained the spirit of the game and they had a good win.

The players held themselves to the same code of conduct as referees would be expected to conform to at their level of play. They possessed essential elements of good spirit; they knew the rules, avoided fouls, had a positive attitude and showed self-control.

You probably noticed the tension and drama in the House, girls bickering, guys arguing and tears all around. One must say that in the past couple of the days, it surely has been a House apart but in the Housemates Task Presentation, Mzansi witnessed true sporting excellence and history in the making.

During the task Presentation, all the housemates where showing their support for the soccer clubs that they have created. Each Team showcased their soccer clubs and acted as dedicated supporters.

First on stage was Team A with their truly South African war cry with vuvuzelas in hand and makarapas on their heads.

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