Iris is taking over now

irisSo far it’s been a full day since Iris has been in the House and she has been blending very well so far. She has fans already; we are talking about her top fans, Sol and Mandla. They seem to be catching her drift on a real note. She has a Kasi flair which Sol said he likes about her. Iris is as chilled as a cucumber and the Housemates are cool with her except for one specific person and that is "sexi Lexi".

Mean while Lexi is feeling intimidated by Iris’s presence especially when she chills with Mandla. This is too serious as Lexi went off to even dis Iris. She said, “I don’t like people who can’t speak English”, referring to Iris of course.

The good thing is that Iris has not yet heard through the great vine and has not yet caught up with Lexi’s rampage because who knows what we could be seeing when that happens. Iris might unleash some bombs at her and could be showing her the real game.

Probably sexi Lexi is not feeling that sexy anymore and Iris might be the new “it” girl from now on. Jealousy can make one nasty and it is plain to see in a small town like the Big Brother Mzansi House. Shame Lexi.

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  1. wat's so sexy about Lexi that every woman doesn't have, she thinks she's a cream of a cake that one would like to lick every second - oooooooh neva! She is selfish, self-centred and cheap. Iris you go gal, play your part as a cat n scare that rat away in every corner of the house nje...

  2. i wish we could vote for those we dnt like, then I would vote for lexi with everything I had I'd even start using mixit.