Iris to have more bad hair days

more badIris pleaded to Big Brother, "Biggie, I need a new hairdo!". The cute lass has been thirsty for a new hairstyle and we can't blame her for feeling that way. She definitely has been having a bad hair day.

Can you remember Iris' short hairdo which she rocked when she first entered the Chamber and during her first week in the House? It is evident that this girl knows what she wants.

At least we all know, people are apt to lie when it comes to hair. You'll hear what people think you want to hear; "It's not that bad honey," many will say. Girls, you know the drill, right?.

A day ago Iris undid her hair and we must say she has been looking stranded. Maybe she thought she was sending a message to Biggie with the hopes that he would step in and help her get that mane done?

Surely someone should help Iris with her crisis before things get worse. Think about it, we have many girls in the House who more than likely have some hair products stashed somewhere in their bags.Kat quickly comes to mind. She has been changing hairstyles almost on a daily basis.

And as all other Housemates were successful in getting their requests granted by Big Brother during their diary sessions today, Iris wasn't so lucky. At least she was not the only one disappointed,Jase also got a thumbs down when he asked Biggie to be involved in his future prank.

Mean while Lexi mentioned her upcoming birthday and asked Biggie to organise some alcohol to make her shap shap on her birthday. Biggie noted the request and accepted it.

Then when Iris made her request, she was told that only those who are Nominated would get their hair done. Biggie clearly has an interesting sense of humor. If only Iris knew that Jase swapped himself with her during his Save and Replace Session on Monday night. Shame Iris, unfortunately this means more bad hair days for you!

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