Jase In A State Of Confusion

JaseJase may have won the HoH position last Friday and as expected, one is supposed to be delighted about everything but from the look of things, the poor man is even more worried than those who never won it, basically because everyone including 'close pal'  Kat is trying to confuse him into thinking that they are Angels of sorts and thus he should consider them when he's making the mandatory 'save and replace' decision.

It would seem since Jase won the HoH Task, everyone wants a piece of him. It all started on Saturday evening when Vanessa cornered Jase and told him how Kat is using him for her own selfish ends. "She doesn't respect you and throws herself at everyone," she said, while a visibly hurt and confused Jase looked on. When Vanessa was Evicted last night, Jase whispered "Don't worry. After our chat last night, I'll be fine," acknowledging that he believes Kat isn't who she says she is.

So basically, the house is full of alliances and everyone is scheming against Kat and talking ill about her with Jase, so it's becoming hard for the HoH to bear the pressure.

Meanwhile, Kat also had a talk with Jase and she was as expected trying to tell him how he should know the true friends he has in the house, emphasizing that she's always been there for him thus he shouldn't listen to whatever the other housemates have to say.

Hmmm, Jase's mind is being played with for sure, who should be believe in? And most importantly, how will he make the save and replace decision? We will wait and see!

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Kat keep playing girl you are doing good,

  2. teach him kat so,he can b a man out here,2 many vultures out here........

  3. Hahahaha....Jase poi jst follow ur heart dnt listen 1 any1 evn evicted vannesa u r de man enough so man up

  4. Kat is a good gal and Jase dnt listen to other people coz they want you to end ur relationship with Kat, just follow your heart......
    you guys look cute together.


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