Jase the trouble maker

bad jaseHe even hasn't made a week since he began his duties as the Head of House and Jase is already rubbing off people wrongly. He played a prank the past night which caused too much drama this morning and got Lola all emotional.

It's very understandable that he was trying to lighten up the tension that already existed inside Biggie's house but unfortunately all of this backfired on him. Currently Lola is extremely affected and wants to leave the house.

Things haven't been the best for Jase as he has been under a lot of pressure. On Sunday he got dumped by his lady love Kat and on Monday he was put in a difficult space, were he had to Save and Replace.

As if all of this was not such a downer for Jase as he interested in executing another prank. He wanted Biggie to help him initiative the prank; justifying his reasons were to help lighten up people's moods and bring sunshine again.

Can Big Brother help Jase in pulling another prank?

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