Kat & Jase – Is It Real Love?

realJase and Kat were canoodling on the bed when they started talking about their relationship in the house. Jase expressed his anguish at how he felt so sad when he thought Kat was angry at him. Kat told him how gorgeous he was and that when he gets out the House, girls are going to go crazy for him but is concerned that he is going to forget all about what they had in the House.

Jase lovingly responded with his description of how taken aback he was by her beauty when he first saw her. He responded with the question of whether or not they could continue their relationship outside the House after Big Brother Mzansi.

Kat responded with mixed emotions with a kind of ‘let’s see what happens’ kind of attitude. Of course this would be a big step for the two lovers.

Love is so strong in the House and people are not too shy to express it all. Do you think Kat and Loko would make a great couple outside Big Brother Mzansi?


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