Keeping Up With The Mandlex, The Sequel

mandlex13 days into the days and it seems like we have gotten the ideal Big Brother Mzanis couple, Mandla and Lexi we all have to agree this pair acts exactly like any married couple out there.

In the latest development about the two ove birds, Mandla feels like he has been led whereas Lexi spent the better part of an hour insulting everything about Mandla, from his antics outside the bedroom to his looks and mannerisms, she even has a problem with the fact that her parys! Yoh! Lexi went on like a woman scorned and could not stop screaming or swearing. Mandla kept relatively calm considering but Lexi does not trust him and it seems she has sniffed out his game and called him out on every inch of it.

Lexi was even questioning Mandla's social status saying that he does not 'fit into her lifestyle' and that he is 'disgusting' and he is a 'pervert'. It left viewers in complete shock as he calmly stood by while she bashed his character. He even went so far as to say he 'still cares about her' after everything saying that he does not want it to be 'awkward'.

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  1. But lexi is a liar nd deserves 2 be disqualified coz now evry1 thnks mandla is a bad guy..... tem mandla xudjst make sure tht if big brother doesnt disqualify her they vote her out... xes a disgrace hw cn a woman hu respects herself n her body say tht "xe can fuck five guys in 1 dae nd tht xes done it b4" on national tv.....xe xud go home plus xe dsnt care bwt the money...

  2. Lexi pack your bags, get ready to leave.