Kgosi-Loko Further Enstranged

kgosi-lokoBig Brother provided a short lived action at the Party Zone the Housemates made up for the lack with their usual strategizing fashion. As the ladies were all up on Jase like vultures to prey, a spat broke out between estranged couple Loko and Kgosi.

Loko reduced to tears in a conversation with aspiring mind reader Kgosi. This was after the ex Chambermate asked Loko if she was ever genuine with him, she couldn’t believe her ears; Where had he been all this week, she sobbed. Loko spared the oddball no truths when she told him she felt betrayed by his distance this past week as he was as cold as ice towards her, her every entreaty proving fruitless.

Inside the House, Vanessa was working Jase overtime. She was on a mission to turn Jase against his beloved Kat by revealing her ‘true’ character to him and making him understand that now more than ever, as newly crowned Head of House, he was a pawn in her flirty game.

Jase seemed to be lapping her vitriol up even revealing that he was on to her and wouldn’t tolerate anyone who crossed his morals and values.

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