Kgosi's Truth Or Dare Game

jaseAt the turn of mid-night, Kgosi shared with his fellow housemates about a 'truth or dare' game he wanted to play with them with Jase and Iris as the leading actors, well, it was for Jase to kiss Iris.

After feeling in all of them on how it's supposed to be played, Jase said he was okay with it because at the end of the day, it wasn't real and it was like acting in a movie. We all know the closeness between Jase and Kat and one wonders why naughty Kgosi didn't pick Kat instead of Iris, hmmm. Kat was however down with a toothache and gave Jase his blessing on condition that he doesn't kiss Iris with the tongue.

Meanwhile, amidst all this, Iris told Jase and Kgosi that he wouldn't be part of it, grabbed her yoghurt and went to the garden. While there, she told Loko about everything that had transpired.

Kgosi is indeed an entertainer of sorts, getting Jase to kiss with some other girl other than Kat? This is pretty dangerous, we think.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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