Lets talk about nominations

a step by stepWithout wasting time, let’s start with HoH Mzamo, being HoH automatically grants him immunity from the chop so the world peace envoy is safe for now.

The ladies in the house botched their Secret Task last week which meant they were all up for Nomination. It turns out the girls are not great at keeping or guessing a Secret, failing (pretty dismally) at the task. But all was not lost, they still had the safety net of Save and Replace, a game of trickery and sorcery where Mzamo got to save one of the girls and replace her with a boy.

Head of House Mzamo chose Thando, for what he cited as ‘personal reasons’. I’m sure she won’t eventually care how he came to his decision, but rather thank her lucky stars that she’s safe.

Therefore from the girl’s camp, it’s Vanessa, Kat, Lola, Lokoand Lexi that teeter on the edge. You may have noticed Iris’s name missing, well she’s immune this week as she only entered the House on Sunday and the footballer’s girlfriend still needs time to shine.

Secrets Task when the tables were turned last night and they successfully matched the Secrets to the girls. Does this mean girls are more clever than guys? Maybe let’s not go there.

But it was the unlucky MK that Mzamo replaced for Thando’s immunity and Jase is safe as he won the Head of House Task for the week ahead. The rest of the boys are safe too. So it’s just psychology enthusiast MK who stands alone facing Eviction among a sea of girls.

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