Lexi and Kat Raise Hell At The Dinning

lex n katHousemats were all smiles as they headed to the storeroom to collect their rewards after Big Brother had announced that their task presentations convvienced him and thus they had won their wagers. In their reward package, biggie had indeed “bumped the liquor up”! and they all sat down for dinner like one big happy dysfunctional family over wine and a feast of food.

Things were going on steady well untill when Lexi called for the attention of the house because she had something to say and we all know her, when she got some to say they all got to pay attention.

Well all she required the audience for was in that the feisty lass had a bone to pick with kinky Kat about all the time she was spending with Mandla. She made it known, in full view of the dinner party, that she didn’t like Kat cozying up to Mandla.

Lexi and Kat sure raised hell at the table and got everyone hot and bothered with the question; where did that come from? As the girls got louder and rowdier the guys couldn’t help but wonder if Lexi was marking her territory on Mandla or if it was all an act.

Moments later Kat could be seen with Lexi upstairs whispering and conspiring. Their murmurs revealed that it indeed was all an act to sabotage things for the guys for tomorrows Valentines surprise.

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