Lexi, Lola & Thando Responsible For Wager Loss?

lossYesterday's wager loss marked the first of it's kind so far as the housemates were on a lucky streak of sorts during the first few weeks.

As the rest of the gang stayed up and sacrificed for the task presentations, Lola, Lexi and Thando found it hard to carry their weight and this in a way has been attributed to the wager loss.

Interestingly, after the wager loss, while the rest of the gang retreated under the covers, the three girls joined Jase, Poolie and Mandla in the lounge and discussed about porn, hmmm...

Meanwhile, MK had already advised his fellow housemates that they ought to be serious if they were to get something out of the Pirates task but from the loss yesterday, his pleas surely fell on deaf ears.

Are the three ladies responsible for the loss? Share with  us.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Yes these three witches definitely responsible and so too that stupid head of house Jase.

  2. lexi and lola are responsible for the wager loss.

  3. I think they try to get a point through pple need to respect others feelings, most important I really think Lola need to go home coz she is influence Lexi n Thando. So that Lexi can concentrate on th game n how to play it gud. Pple can real brainwash others point of view #TeamLexi love u Lexi just stay away from Lola n just be urself as before

  4. Lexi r a real goodhearted person #TeamLexi but can stand up for urself n that make r phenomanel woman

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