Lexi's strategy might be a bad one

lexi badLexi is such a hater and Iris hasn't even done anything other than, err, show up? With only a warm welcome from Kat on Sunday's Live Show, the girls have not warmed to the Chambermate waif.

One can wonder if it's her hot body, her openness or sense of style that's rubbed you up the wrong way, Lexi? Whatever it is you are not winning fans with your unprovoked venom.

This morning Lexi found herself in the Diary Room, sat back and spat vitriol; Iris just couldn't do anything right.

From Iris' broken English to her dating football players, catty Lexi wants nothing to do with the new Housemate and was emphatic that she will be making little effort to get to know her.

Actually Lexi is forgetting that this show is about audience interaction too, that's you, Big Brother Mzansi fans and there are a lot more of you than there are Housemates. What are you feeling about Lexi's attitude towards Iris? What can she do to change her oulook?

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  1. lexi dis is big brother' s house nt yours en stop hating iris she is dere 2 play a game just lyk u..

  2. She jst need to bounce and leave BBM!