Lexi Yet To Get Over Toilet Prank

lolaLexi is one person who never forgets that easy if the chocolate-toilet prank is anything to go by. The sexy lass seems to have forgiven but not forgotten the engineers of that infamous prank because she took sometime off to remind MK about it in the early afternoon.

She said that she's yet to get over it and wondered why some people were so insensitive to play with other people's feelings. The pair also talked about some of the annoying housemates and how it was hard to get along well with them.

Meanwhile, there seems to be another problem in the house, some housemates are speaking their local languages and others are not fans of it. Mzamo, Iris and Kat also had a session in the garden speaking about some 'fake housemates'. The trio were speaking in Zulu.

It seems it's not over until it's over. These housemates are indeed still holding grudges and beefing with others.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Biggie I think u really have to step in coz its real unfear to our viewers aswell coz we also don't understand Zulu that's why d show is so divided. If I was in th house I also would be real upset coz u don't know wat pple r saying just stay to English that's all for we as viewers nd I speak on behalf of myself coz am a BIgbrother addict nd would like to stay that way. mwaaaa