Live Feed: Day 11

sweatTime Check; 09:25: Big Brother calls HoH Mandla to the Diary Room.

Time Check; 09:13: There's dead silence in the Chamber house as the Chambermates are still in slumber.

Time Check; 08:58: Mandla and MK are working on their script.

Time Check; 09:55: The chefs, Mandla and Kat are already on duty and they are shortly joined by Loko who's playfully scolded by Kat: "You're late my sister."

Time Check; 10:05: HoH Mandla crack up sexy Lexy by wearing her panties.

Time Check; 10:25: Mandla seems to be on a mission as he has no plans of giving up with trying on others clothes, next on the agenda is to wear Vanessa's underwear tomorrow.

Time Check; 10:45: Chamber-mate Paris works out...

Time Check; 11:05: The Housemates rehearse for tonight's Task Presentation. They will be performing a play about finding and keeping jobs.

Time Check; 11:16: The front doors are opened only for housemates to find a littered garden, the gardeners will have to tidy it up, meanwhile, one of the chefs; Loko feels happy that her duties are only in the kitchen so she won't have to be part of those putting the garden in order.

Time Check; 11:25: As the task presentation near, Sol offer to play the Taxi driver in tonight's play because he's so passionate about it, the others seem to be ready to give a chance, will he impress?

Time Check; 11:30: Big Brother's Personal Assistant; Lola is summoned to the Diary room and she's required to check on the cleaners's progress and to also caution the smokers to be careful and use ashtrays to avoid the highly flammable sawdust.

Time Check; 11:45: Chamber's Jenayne kicks off the day Diary sessions and she admits to be so tired.

Time Check; 11:50: Jenayne is taken aback when Biggie tells her that this is her last Diary session as a Chambermate. "I feel like I'm just ready to go upstairs (main House) and anxious to know who ends up going," Jenayne concludes.

Time Check; 12:00: Paris is called to the Diary room but he's still in the shower and so Iris goes in instead, she confesses that it was sad seeing Kgosi leave the Chamber.

Time Check; 12:10: Nku tells Big Brother they are going to something memorable until the last person leaves the Chamber.

Time Check; 12:20: HoH Mbali heads to the Diary room and begs for his family, friends and fans to keep supporting and voting for him.

Time Check; 12:30: Paris finally gets done with his shower and tells Big Brother that there's some little tensions in the Chmaber but that won't jeopardize the task presentations tonight.

Time Check; 13:25: The chefs head back to the kitchen to prepare lunch while keeps a close.

Time Check; 13:30: Big Brother calls all the girls to the garden. is it Parlour time? the girls don't seem too pleased!

Time Check; 13:40: Once in the Parlour, the girls see flashes of the Chamber before the screen switches back to the main House. Mind game Biggie, mind games!

Time Check; 13:50 The girls are seeing a different side of the guys and can't help admiring them. "Jase looks so cute though. You really like him hey," Thando says to Kat who can't help blushing.

Time Check; 14:00 The girls talk about how difficult and annoying Sol is at times. Could this be his strategy?

Time Check; 14:15 Vanessa is certain that Sol will definitely know her Secret because they worked together for three years in real life.

Time Check; 14:55 Mandla remixes a 90’s classic in true Malex style “what I got to do to make you hump me”.

Time Check; 15:15 Diary sessions start with Jase in the main House. The baby of the House singles out being a cleaner in Biggie’s House as his worst job ever.

Time Check; 15:25 In her Diary session, Vanessa tells Biggie about loyalty and trust. She complains about exhaustion before highlighting how unbelievable it was that Kgosi called her a liar.

Time Check; 15:35 Kgosi reveals that Lola is spot-on with his prediction that Lola stole the golden lion and apologises to Big Brother for accusing him.

Time Check; 15:45 Thando is adamant that Kgosi is Biggie’s inside man. That’s after she reveals her sinister plan to stir things up in the House by stealing the garden tools.

Time Check; 16:53 Sol reveals that he’s the one that was busted for porn at work.

Time Check; 16:05 Kat tells Biggie that her worst job was working in a bank. “I don’t even think I’m supposed to be working,” she adds.

Time Check; 16:40 Mzamo tells Biggie that Mandla's been sucking up to Sol.

Time Check; 16:45 Mandla says his first job was as a security guard at 17, which he took so he could pay his school fees. He says it was his worst job ever!

Time Check; 17:10 In his Diary Session MK asks Biggie to be his Valentine.

Time Check; 17:25 Sol rubs Lexi up the wrong way.

Time Check; 18:09 Big Brother reminds the Housemates that they only have an hour to go before they have to present their comedy sketch Task.

Time Check; 18:13 Big Brother calls Mbali and Paris in to finalise the supplies they need for their Valentines surprise for the girls in The Chamber.

Time Check; 18:26 The Housemates go over their script for the last time before show time.

Time Check; 18:20 Jenayne tells Nku that she hopes there's a gym in the main House for when, and not if, she makes her way in.

Time Check; 19:30 The Housemates win their Task Presentation and collect their reward in the store room.

Time Check; 19:40 The Chambermates do outstanding at their Task Presentation. Biggie rewards them with a swaggering bottle of Patron.

Time Check; 20:10 The boys in House get a chance to finalize their Valentines surprise plan for the girls.

Time Check; 20:25 Over a festive dinner after a win, Lexi confronts Kat about having a thing with Mandla. Things get heated!

Time Check; 20:35 Kat and Loko leave the dinner table in a huff.

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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