Live Feed: Day 12

jenaTime Check; 07:30: The Chamber gents; Mbali and Paris are already up and fixing breakfast in bed for the ladies, since it's Valentines day, how romantic but for some reason, Jenayne is all swagged up with a gloomy face. Meanwhile, the main Housemates are busy with the morning drills.

Time Check; 08:30: HoH Mandla does some laundry.

Time Check; 09:05: The Chamber-mates do some exercises while the girls ready themselves for Valentines, they are planning to have good food for lunch.

Time Check; 09:45: Some Housemates are having their breakfast while the girls make-up for Valentines day, the gents are seemingly very excited about this day.

Time Check; 10:05: Love is in the air as Poolie gives Loko a warm hug.

Time Check; 10:40: The Chamber ladies lay back on the couch and start chatting up, they talk about how they would react if they were caught red-handed cheating on their men. Iris shares that she would just pretend as if she's lost consciousness.

Time Check; 10:55: It's a Friday and housemates have to take part in the HoH task, outgoing sheriff Mandla reads out the brief.

Time Check; 11:00: The HoH Task will be a Mathematics equation and some housemates get worried, they think MK will nail this one.

Time Check; 11:10: Mzamo wins the HoH Task and becomes HoH for the second time.

Time Check; 11:40: Vanesssa gets personal as she narrates some of her childhood stories to fellow housemates.

Time Check; 11:50: Surely, Chamber's Mbali and Paris woke up on the right side of their beds today because they won't stop impressing today, adding up to all they've done so far today, the men also do some general cleaning around the Chamber. Meanwhile Lola and Thando are speculating who they think could come into the house and also gossip about the housemates.

Time Check; 12:50: It seems boredom has sunk in already because some housemates are sleeping on the couch while others seat around the kitchen counter talking about culture.

Time Check; 13:05: Kgosi and Loko are lying on the couch while the former strokes the latter's legs.

Time Check; 13:30: Mbali and Paris are having a conversation in the kitchen.

Time Check; 11:35: Big Brother tells housemates to shut the front doors and remain indoors until further notice.

Time Check; 11:38: The ladies of the main House go into the Parlour to further discuss their 7 Secrets over some champagne and decadent massages.

Time Check; 11:53 Mbali and Paris continue to impress by cleaning the Chamber. Thando and Lola carry on talking about who should come into the House next as well as whispering about the other Housemates.

Time Check; 12:50 Some Housemates sit around the kitchen counter and discuss popular culture, whilst other lie sprawled across the couches; sleeping.

Time Check; 13:08 Kgosi affectionately strokes Loko's legs while they lay and sleep on the couch.

Time Check; 13:26 Lola assists Thando with some pampering for the day while Mbali and Paris engage in conversation in the kitchen.

Time Check; 13:33 Biggie instructs the guys in the main House to go inside and shut the front doors until further notice.

Time Check; 13:37 The ladies of the main House go into the Parlour to further discuss their 7 Secrets over some champagne and decadent massages.

Time Check; 14:22 The girls might be on to Poolie's Secret

Time Check; 14:45 The boys get vocal. It's sing along time.

Time Check; 15:13 The guys debate if women cheat more than men. Their opinion is they do.

Time Check; 15:38 The Chambermates open up some drinks and chill in the kitchen while Biggie bumps the music. The Housemates continue to discuss and argue in the lounge with Vanessa at the forefront.

Time Check; 15:57 Mandla and Lexi chat and flirt in the garden while Lexi sunbathes, Mandla takes a 'mental picture' and jokes about being a pervert.

Time Check; 16:00 Biggie instructs the guys to go inside in order to prep for their upcoming Valentine's dinner while the ladies are told to stay outside.

Time Check; 16:04 The guys open the store room and begin prepping for their Valentine's day dinner.

Time Check; 16:16 The guys in both the Chamber and the main House continue prepping for their dinner tonight.

Time Check; 16:48 The guys in the main House get dapper and don suits for the ladies surprise dinner.

Time Check; 16:55 All the guys in the main House grab a rose and rehearse their Valentine's surprise. A dressed up, let's hope it melts the ladies hearts.

Time Check; 17:12 Chamber guys are looking hot as they wait for for the girls

Time Check; 17:22 Jenayne sheds a tear from the special Valentine's Day treatment.

Time Check; 17:33 Girls in the Chamber are blown away by the Valentine's chocolate cake.

Time Check; 18:09 Kat and Jase share a snealy kiss on the couch

Time Check; 18:37 What is Lexi stealing?

Time Check;  18:58 Lola tears into Kgosi after he called her emotionally unstable.

Time Check; 19:11 Nothing seems to bring Kgosi down. Him and his buddy Jase still some time to gossip about Lola. Jase attests to Lola's emotional status.

Time Check; 19:20 Singing always lifts up spirits and the Housemates know that too well. It's a jungle in the bedroom, but will the Housemates sleep tonight?

Time Check; 19:36 The Housemates are in the Garden for their second friday night game.

Time Check; 19:40 Housemates are watching clips of the girls Sessions at the Parlour, while they were trying to match the guys Seven Secrets.

Time Check; 19:55 Vanessa is the first one to match the Secret. She gets it right by saying it's Sol that was caught downloading porn at work.

Time Check; 20:10 The girls in the House get the first strike.

Time Check; 20:15 It's the second strike. The game is getting very difficult for the girls.

Time Check; 20:17 It's over for the girls and Biggie announces that they are all up for nominations. The boys enjoy their sweet victory.

Time Check; 20:27 There's serious tension at the House. Meanwhile in the Chamber, it's all fun.

Time Check; 20:45 Kat is consoling Mandla as he is feeling down about his exposed Secret of being part of a cult.

Time Check; 21:00 MK tells Lexi that he is not at all happy of the fact that they didn't appreciate all their effort for Valentine's day.

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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