Live Feed: Day 13

katTime Check; 09:00: Both the Chamber-mates and Housemates have chit-chats in the late morning in their respective houses.

 Time Check; 09:15: It's time for Lola's medication and Loko does the favour of waking her up to take her dose.

Time Check; 09:17: Big Brother plays some nice music as the weekend sets in in high gear.

Time Check; 09:25: It's time to prepare breakfast and Kat lights the stove as she gets busy.

Time Check; 09:28: Mandla, Loko and Kat show off some intruguing dance moves courtesy of Biggie's well assorted tunes.

Time Check; 09:40: Kat shares with Mandla about a dream she had a about an ex, but she hardly reveals much info.

Time Check; 10:00: Mandla and Lexy get personal as his had disappears under her vest.

Time Check; 10:40: Kat continues to open up as she says that short men are not her kind of guys.

Time Check; 10:10: Lexy invites Mandla to watch her while she showers.

Time Check; 10:25: Loko and Kat talk about the importance of HoH as nominations draw closer.

Time Check; 10:55: Mzamo confides in Kat and Loko that his secret is big thus it will never come out.

Time Check; 11:20: Mzamo congratulates the ladies for pulling off their plan to sabotage the Valentines surprise yesterday.

Time Check; 11:25: Vanessa also shares about a dream she had an ex with many faces.

Time Check; 12:00: The girls talk about the relationships  in the house and who is hitting on who.

Time Check; 12:20: Lexi says that cheating starts with 'sexting'.

Time Check; 12:45: Lexi tells whoever cares to listen that nothing has happened with Mandla.

 Time Check; 13:05: Paris does some cleaning while the other Chamber-mates dose off.

Time Check; 13:08: Big Brothers calls for the attention of every and reminds Iris and Mandla about their violent act last night.

Time Check; 13:40: Big Brother disqualifies Mbali after explaining to the housemates that he went to far with the fighst he had with Iris.

Time Check; 14:05: Mbali comforts Iris after his disqualification.

Time Check; 14:40: Housemates are still in shock following Mbali's departure.

Time Check; 14:50: Poolie gets cozy with Loko and kisses her shoulder.

Time Check; 15:28 Mandla announces there is a reward for the Arena Games after speaking to Biggie.

Time Check; 15:43 Housemates gather around an LCD screen

Time Check; 15:59 Lexi cries in the bedroom, worrying that she's too real.

Time Check; 16:08 Mzamo explains to Lexi that it looks like she's leading Mandla on.

Time Check; 16:39 Biggie plays a little Bossa Nova for the Housemates as they cook dinner.

Time Check; 16:56 Housemates talk about dressing up for the party tonight. Boys are divided.

Time Check; 17:11 Girls get ready in the bedroom for the party night ahead. Lexi adds some blonde extensions to her locks.

Time Check; 17:35 Paris sits on his own writing a rap song.

Time Check; 17:38 The Housemates sit down to eat thanks to chef Vanessa, everyone is in high spirits looking forward to tonight's party.

Time Check; 17:51 The Chambermates pack up and prepare for tomorrow's show. The mood is tense due to today's eventful nature.

Time Check; 18:00 Jenayne and Paris have an awkward interaction in the kitchen when Jenayne prepares herself some cereal.

Time Check; 18:12 Mandla, Sol and Kgosi get involved in a discussion about Judaism and Islam.

Time Check; 18:28 Thando dishes some gossip on Kgosi after telling Mzamo and Vanessa, she thinks he is a closet alcoholic.

Time Check; 18:40 Jase jokingly does Kat's hair while Poolie and Loko cuddle in bed.

Time Check; 18:52 Poolie jokingly puts in Loko's weave and generates a couple of laughs.

Time Check; 19:07 The Housemates talk about their favourite producers and artists in the guys room.

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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