Live Feed: Day 15

morningTime Check; 07:30: Housemates get out of slumber and take part in the routine morning work-out session.

Time Check; 08:25: The exercise session finishes and housemates get ready to shower, however, newbie Iris still faces some little tension from the ladies.

Time Check; 08:50: Kgosi and MK ready themselves for the day by ironing and apparently Kgosi wants to go for Iris because he thinks he can play football.

Time Check; 09:04: Big Brother calls Vanessa to the Diary room.

Time Check; 09:20: All the female housemates are being called to the Diary room one by one to divulge their secret to Big Brother.

Time Check; 09:50: Housemates including Mandla, Sol and MK are in the bedroom talking about South African history.

Time Check; 10:20: "It's amazing what a song can do," Kat tells Mandla as she sings along to a Motswako song. She says the song reminds her of her dating days. "Now I'm single," she adds.

Time Check; 10:25: Ex-Chambermates; Nku, Jenayne and Paris were off to Mzansi Magic.


Time Check; 10:30: Kat opens up to Mandla about an abusive ex-boyfriend who didn't want to let go.

Time Check; 11:15: The Housemates are so excited ahead of the Arena games, everyone is getting ready.

Time Check; 11:20:  The Housemates also have an Individual Immunity Shoot-out Challenge where one guy and one girl will shoot for their Immunity from this week's Nominations as well as from the HoH Save and Replace. HoH Mzamo and House newbie Iris have automatic Immunity. "Thank you Biggie for redeeming me from cramping my style," Mzamo shouts.

Time Check; 11:30: This is how HoH Mzamo has chosen his team; Loko, Poolie, MK, Mandla, Lexi, Kat and Lola. He tells Sol that he wants him to lose and that's why he has not selected him to be part of his team.

Time Check; 12:05: After Mzamo leaves with his team to the Arena, Thando asks his team-mates about the game of soccer, according to her she's been to only one match and she had gone to have liquor.

Time Check; 12:35: The football  game i under way and Kat sustains an injury, Big Brother says that she'll sit out the second half as well as Poolie.

Time Check; 13:05: Team B wins the Arena games. Housemates get ready for the individual Immunity Penalty shootout.

Time Check; 13:20: The guys go first in the penalty shootout. It's the best of five shots and Jase becomes the first of the guys to score one shot.


Time Check; 13:25: Jase proves his shooting abilities as he beats the boys hands down, Poolie tries to put up some competition but his efforts are not good enough.

Time Check; 13:35: After what seemed like forever, Biggie decides to change the game slightly for the girls. "All the girls move to the halfway line and attempt to score a goal one at a time. Big Brother's Ninja will be at the posts but will not attempt to block the ball. Whoever scores a goal, wins Individual Immunity."

 Time Check; 13:40: It's the girls turn but they all fail to score past half-way, the shootout is still on.

Time Check; 13:45: Lola and Lexi finally score a goal each and it's time for them to go head to head. Lexi starts it off with a shibobo but Lola will not go down either!

Time Check; 13:53: Lola and Jase with the immunity shootout, which means that they are safe from possible eviction this week.

Time Check; 14:15: Once back in the House, Kat continues being hospitable towards Iris. She offers her something to drink and asks her how she's settling in.

Time Check; 14:30: Big Brother calls the boys outside as it's time to retreat to the 'Man Cave', MK will be chairing the 'meeting'.

Time Check; 14:35: While in the 'Man Cave', the chairman; MK tell the boys that they should form a united front in the house and not fight each other, he says that they should always try to find a way of solving their problems in the house.

Time Check; 14:50 The guys chat briefly about the girls' Secrets and the conversation quickly changes to the pending Nominations. There's a lot of confusion!

Time Check; 15:00 Jase confides in Kgosi about how hurt he would be if Kat would drop him.

Time Check; 15:15 "I'd rather survive Evictions every week than win HoH," MK declares to a shocked Jase. "Tell that to Mzamo," Kgosi tells him.

Time Check; 15:50 Mzamo, Loko and Thando rave about the cupcakes Biggie served the guys in the Man Cave. Mzamo composes a song for the bakers and the girls sing along.

Time Check; 16:15 Jase and his girl Kat chill upstairs and talk Nominations. "you not going to go," Jase assures Kat.

Time Check; 16:56 Kat and Jase are cozy in the bedroom.

Time Check; 17:40 The store-room is open and the Housemates collect their groceries.

Time Check; 17:30 Lexi, Vanessa and Thando

Time Check; 17:15 Sol says he loves Iris' kasi flair.

Time Check; 17:30 Lexi, Vanessa and Thando

Time Check; 17:40 The store-room is open and the Housemates collect their groceries.

Time Check; 18:05 The Housemates want more shap shaps. They are planning to strike for more alcohol.

Time Check; 18:57 Mandla and Iris are talking about Lobola.

Time Check; 19:00 Mzamo says he wants to be happy if he had four wishes to make before he dies.

Time Check; 19:12 Iris tells Mandla and Sol that she has no game plan at all. She said she is just playing a fair game.

Time Check; 19:17 Lexi can't stop talking about Mandla. Could she be missing his attention maybe?.

Time Check; 19:33 Mandla and Lexi talk about their feelings.

Time Check; 20:01 Iris says she scared to loosen up in the House because she feels that people have anger issues and she does not want to step on anyone's toe.

Time Check; 20:12 Lexi tells Mandla that he has not been honest with her. Mandla says he has been since day one.

Time Check; 20:50 Vanessa and Mzamo are talking about relationships.

-By- Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Mandla tlk 2 Lexi n fix thngs ndoda u wer gud 2gthr bsd she s btfl... Lexi, Kat, Vanessa, Mandla and Mk are my big 5 ###team Mindloz