Live Feed: Day 17

massTime Check; 00:30: Kat and Loko get simultaneous massages from Poolie and Jase.

Time Check; 08:20: Housemates taking part in the morning routine exercises.

Time Check; 08:35: It's a short exercise session as it ends and housemates ready themselves for the day ahead.

Time Check; 09:15: Sol, MK, Mandla are talking about the various artists.

Time Check; 09:20: Mandla won't stop playing with Lexi as he asks her to show him her armpits.

Time Check; 09:30: Sol, MK and Mandla retreat to the  lounge and they continue with their convo, the talk about poverty in SA. MK asserts that poor people have no other ways of recreation apart from sex before concluding that it's the reason why they end up with so many children.

Time Check; 09:50: "Can blind people drink?" MK asks Mandla, Mzamo and Lexi. Mzamo responds by saying that blind people rely on their senses.

Time Check; 10:00: MK reminds Mzamo that he actually completed high school at 15. Mzamo wants to know how far his smartness has taken him in life.

Time Check; 10:15: Mzamo says a humble person doesn't have to constantly feel like their more important than others.

Time Check; 10:20: Thando is armed with her rouge lipstick and dolls Mandla up.

Time Check; 10:25: MK argues against Mzamo's statement which says that at times you need to stroke people's ego to achieve equality. Mk says one doesn't have to treat others like royalty as we are all equal.

Time Check; 10:35: Mzamo and Mandla share that it's very rare to see Vanessa smiling.

Time Check; 10:55: Housemates try figuring out the consequences of taking a power nap at this time. How could it affect their Wager?

Time Check; 11:10:  Today's task will require housemates to take part in Badminton and French Cricket, they'll be sticking to their original teams (A and B).

Time Check; 11:50: Thando, Lexi, Loko, Lola and Vanessa dance in the garden, they look happier than ever.

Time Check; 12:40: It's Diary room business and Thando talks to Biggie about the bitching, gossiping and more conspiracies in the house.

Time Check; 13:00: Lexi in the Diary Room. Calm your role! A little less cattiness and a little more love; Iris and Kat watch out!

Time Check; 13:20: Sol is in the Diary room and it seems Biggie is absent as no one is there to attend to him, hmmm

Time Check; 13:40: After Loko exits the Diary room, Mzamo leads housemates a cleaning spree, he says a tidy house is a tidy mind.

Time Check; 14:00: The boys are in the Man Cave watching the girls on screen, Jase is all excited at the sight of Kat.

Time Check; 15:29 Kitty-Kat tells Biggie in her Diary Room Session she wants Jase outside the House too.

Time Check; 15:59 Biggie tells Mzamo that he's the first Housemate who has ever won HoH twice. Go Mzamo

Time Check; 16:26 Iris takes some Lexi strain in the Diary Room. Stay strong Iris, you're a rock star.

Time Check; 16:50 The deodorant diaries: Vanessa recounts last night's drama of Iris' deodorant going missing in her Diary Room Session. It was all too much for her.

Time Check; 17:20 'Release the Kracken Kgosi' hit a Diary Room slump. He told Biggie he feels oh so lonely sometimes.

Time Check; 18:00 Err, hello Mandla in the Diary Room! With your secret crush on Kat confessions.

Time Check; 18:29 Laduuuuma!It's the evening Task for the Housemates and the teams get busy creating their own Mzansi soccer club.

Time Check; 18:51 And Biggie calls an Iris and Lexi clearing session. "I wouldn't want to be near you outside the house." Good start Lexi.

Time Check; 19:00 Iris fights back. "Lexi, you don't exist to me." This is going well.

Time Check; 19:10 Thando says exactly what everyone is afraid to say out loud - "This issue is bigger than all of us". No lie.

Time Check; 19:20 Lexi is not backing down and defiantly states "I am not interested in knowing what Iris is about". Yikes!

Time Check; 19:35 A tearful Iris is called to the Diary Room. "Lexi has made my life hell," she tells Biggie.

Time Check; 19:45 Lexi heads to the bedroom and turns on the waterworks too. Why? because everyone is intimidated by her body and her personality. And she's so over this!

Time Check; 20:00 Lexi is called to the Diary Room. But not before she drops this gem. "I'm not here for violence, but if she pushes me, I'll do it". A woman and her word.

Time Check; 19:45 Iris and Lexi need to be kept apart. What's MK's solution? Tie them up. Could work!

Time Check; 20:02Biggie offers Lexie and Iris professional help, which they accept. Let's talk about feelings.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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