Live Feed: Day 19

liveTime Check; 08:00: Housemates are busy with their usual morning exercises.

Time Check; 08:40: After the workout, Lexi confides in Vanessa that she's not in the house to compete for the lime light with Mzamo.

Time Check; 08:49: Poolie, Jase, Thando and Lola talk about the hot celebrities while they relax in the garden.

Time Check; 08:52: It's time to freshen up and some housemates gather in the shower room.

Time Check; 08:55: Poolie and Jase tease Thando about the impossibly high standards on her desirable partner checklist.

Time Check; 08:58: Jase won't stop with his teasing game as he takes on Poolie.

Time Check; 09:00: As if he's after something, MK runs to the garden and informs the housemates that he remembers the capital of Cote d’Ivore is Abidjan, hmmm...

Time Check; 09:05: Iris is not any shy as she dresses in the presence of the boys.

Time Check; 09:20: Housemates embark on a cleaning spree of the house.

Time Check; 11:10: Jase, Loko and Poolie are fast asleep.

Time Check; 11:20: HoH task is underway.

Time Check; 11:30: Jase wins the HoH task after catching the one red tennis ball in a sea of green. He will take-over from Mzamo starting Monday next week.

Time Check; 12:05: It's been naughty smiles and baby-talk for Jase and Kat all morning. Really guys, get a room!

Time Check; 12:55: Kgosi teaches his fellow housemates how to play Charades.

Time Check; 13:45: The boys get sensual massages in the Man Cave.

Time Check; 14:45 Loko leaves the Diary Room, it was all about 'respecting people's stuff' in her session.

Time Check; 14:55 OK Sol, thanks for letting Biggie know that the boys have decoded the Secrets in anticipation of tonight's Games; but stop for air when you talk, wow

Time Check; 15:20 The ever eloquent Thando tells Biggie she 'smells desperation in the air' and housemates are going bonkers with cabin fever. That explains a lot then.

Time Check; 15:40 A topless Mandla leaves the Diary Room after telling Biggie he is not feeling 'safe'.

Time Check; 16:05 Kat is in the Diary Room, she reckons her relationship with Jase won't affect his HoH decisions... think again Kat.

Time Check; 16:20 MK tells Biggie his bed has paranormal powers and levitated itself into the garden this morning (he wasn't joking). MK, that's Kgosi speciality topic, maybe speak to him?

Time Check; 16:58 Breaking News! Radio royalty Dineo Ranaka will be sleeping over at the Big Brother Mzansi House on Saturday night!

Lexi turn in the Diary Room. She's hoping Jase's relationships with Sol and Kat won't effect his decisions as HoH. Hmmm....

Time Check; 17:10 After Jase's Session,
Iris enters the Diary Room and she's not happy about Kgosi revealing her Secret.

Time Check; 17:41 Vanessa in the House (or Diary Room). She tells Biggie that Housemates have upped their game in the first week of Nominations.

Time Check; 17:57 And Team B are the clear winners of Sports Week! Biggie rewards them with ice cream and waffles. Put back those calories you've burned Housemates

Time Check; 18:26 Meow, Lola in the Diary Room, she is not happy about last night's antics between Kat and Sol.

Time Check; 18:36 Mzamo begins his Diary session, he starts out by saying that he thinks if he tells him too much that he may 'sabotage' him.

Time Check; 18:56 Vanessa and Lexi whisper in Afrikaans about Kat's promiscuous antics last night. She definitely seems to be stepping on some toes.

Time Check; 19:09 The ladies all do their make up in preparation for tonight's games, its all lip colours, blush and back stabbing in front of the mirror at this point.

Time Check; 19:30 While the guys sit and play a game of domino's, Mzamo tells Vanessa and Iris about his 'save and replace' decisions.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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